B2C Debt Collection

Fair Debt Collection Practices

You extended credit to a customer and now you’re waiting for your money. Or you’ve taken a debtor to court and were awarded a judgment, but you’re still trying to collect. You work hard to make your business profitable. The last thing you need are collection problems.

 Whether you’re trying to collect on 2 delinquent accounts or 200, you want to hire a collection agency that will work as hard as you do, to recover as much of the debt owed to you as possible.

J.J. Marshall & Associates, Inc. is a leading collection agency that works professionally, yet thoroughly, to recover your money using fair debt collection practices. Our agency’s collections far exceed the national average.

J.J. Marshall can help almost anyone with a legally owed debt. With expertise in all areas of commercial and personal credit, the agency has helped a broad range of clients recover debt owed to them using fair debt collection practices. Those clients include medical providers, attorneys, insurance companies, financial institutions, retailers and property managers and more.

Consumer collections is tough work. FDCPA laws were established to protect consumers. There are other laws that we must adhere to as well that make our job more challenging.  Continual improvements and training in compliance are necessary to avoid violations of those statutes.