Property Management

Bad Debt Collections

Bad debt collections can be a time consuming process not matter what type of business you have. Fortunately we have been collection bad debt for a variety of industries for over 35 year. So whether its storage facilities, apartments, commercial buildings or mobile home communities we have experience turning debtors into payers.

Why have we been successful for so long doing bad debt collections? We’re local. We know the community and that makes it easier for us to find those who owe you money. Our business number is a local number. We don’t have a toll free number so when we call a debtor they see a local number and they know we are located in their backyard. We also know that when we’re doing your bad debt collections we represent you. So we treat the debtor with dignity because we want them to come back to you for services that they may need in the future. And lastly we are one of the only collection agencies owned by a licensed Private Eye.