Debt Collection Recovery

From our inception in 1975, J.J. Marshall & Associates, Inc. has been a leader in providing specialized debt collection recovery services achieving the best results possible for our Client partners.

Over the years we have encountered an ever-increasing need for Client customized debt collection recovery services focused on the Client’s specific needs. We maintain a very active role within the collection profession as an active member within the various associations. We are a member of both the American Collectors Association International (ACA) and the Michigan Association of Collection Agencies (MACA). We are proud of our good standing with both trade associations. As an active member we are informed of current and ever changing debt collection laws and regulations. This information, in turn, is conveyed to our Client partners. These professional associations also have a great deal of involvement in shaping of credit laws and issues.

J.J. Marshall has established itself as a leader in an effort to fight for the enhancement of creditor rights. Our Senior Management team has on the average over 20 years in the Collections profession. They are familiar with all aspects of the Collections industry. Our President is the current president of the Michigan Association of Collection Agencies (MACA) and has served in that capacity in two previous terms. We have assembled a hand picked team of Collection Specialist, Administrative and Technical Support staff. Our employees are well trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of debt collection recovery. They receive instruction in-house, at ACA training schools and at seminars, where they can learn new collection techniques and become updated on changing laws. Our experience and training are just two of the reasons why our debt collection recovery rate is twice that of the national average.